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      三年級《Do you like pears》第五課時PPT課件


      三年級《Do you like pears》第五課時PPT課件


      這是三年級《Do you like pears》第五課時PPT課件下載,主要介紹了Let's chant,Let's talk,Let's play,Look and guess,Pair work,Homework,歡迎點擊下載哦。

      Let's talk Who and what can you see in the picture? What does Zhang Peng like, grapes or bananas? ... ... ... Pair work S1: Do you like …? S2: Yes, I do. / Yes, I like … S1: Do you like …? S2: No, I don’t. / Sorry, I don’t like … Can I have some …? S1: Here you are. S2: Thank you. ... ... ... Homework (1)Listen to and repeat“Let’s talk”. (2)Make a short dialogue with pattern drills: I don’t like … / Can I have some …?


      三年級《Do you like pears》第一課時PPT課件:這是三年級《Do you like pears》第一課時PPT課件下載,主要介紹了Sing the song,Ask and answer,Look and say,Let's learn,Remember them,Read and draw,歡迎點擊下載哦。
      三年級《Do you like pears》第二課時PPT課件:這是三年級《Do you like pears》第二課時PPT課件下載,主要介紹了Enjoy a song,Pair work,What's this?Let's chant,Read and find ,Think and say,Let's play ,Make a survey ,歡迎點擊下載哦。
      三年級《Do you like pears》第三課時PPT課件:這是三年級《Do you like pears》第三課時PPT課件下載,主要介紹了Let's chant,Look and say,Guess where the ball is.Let's spell,Read and tick or cross,歡迎點擊下載哦。
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      • 三年級《Do you like pears》第五課時PPT課件
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