Our Solution Based Approach -
"Increased revenue and a larger custumer base are the only measures of our success"

Advertising XXX™ attracts important adult and xxx business clients all over the world, in particular, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and New Zealand. Our portfolio of clients offer you attractive advertising opportunities online as well as in print, televesion, film and other media. We have the right portfolio to help you find customers for your escort, sex dating, porn, casino, swingers stripper, sex toy or other adult business.

We work on a solution based approach. We aim to increase your customer base and revenues through brand building and customer attraction by use of geographic and media reach. We believe in a multi-faceted approach which combines internet advertising with traditional approaches like email campaigns, print media, promotions and for some clients televisiona and film.


Our Philosophy

Advertising XXX™ boasts many of the world's leading adult businesses as clients. Most advertising agencies shy away from adult businesses. Not us. While we will only represent legal and eithical clients, our focus is on the adult businesses that others are unwilling or unable to represent. This focus means that our staff understands what drives your business and can team with you to craft the best possible advertising solution.


Advertising Packages


Advertising XXX™ is not a one horse show. We think dependence on one web site for traffic and customers puts your business at risk. Advertising XXX™ encourages our clients to spread their ads across complementary web sites to create diversity and improve reach. For example, in April 2012, google.com launched refinements to its search engine algorithm known as Panda and Penguin. These changes dropped many adult sites from the search results that were driving business and emphasized the dangers of a one site approach.

Advertising XXX™ maintains that good advertising campaigns focus on the fundamentals: brand creation and enrichment, focus on target audiences, and geographic reach. The current web focus on clicks is misplaced as brand building is an additive process that take time and care. If you are advertising for a quick in revenue, we will try to help. However, these types of campaigns usually fail. Instead we believe in creating a long term campaign to achieve your goals and revenue targets.

To create an advertising package to suit your business or to build a comprehensive advertising campaign, please contact us and one of our local representatives will phone you to discuss.

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